Stucco damage can come from termite, water damage, structural and many other forms. Stucco damage is a common reality, for homes and businesses near the ocean and in South Mississippi where termites are prevalent. With over 40 years in the business can ensure your stucco is properly repaired and reduce the likelihood of future damage. We can provide water resistant treatment to help prevent future damage. With a wide range of experience in exterior & interior wall reparations, we know exactly how to repair all forms of Stucco Damage.

Stucco’s outer layer is designed to resist water, but the plaster underneath isn’t. When water gets behind stucco’s outer surface, it will wear the stucco away, damage interior walls and eventually cause structural damage if left untreated.

Stucco damage comes in many forms:

  • Spider cracks & imperfections
  • Termites
  • Water / Rain & Flood damage
  • Structure settlement
  • Non weatherproof paint
  • Loose soil foundations / sinkholes
  • Nail popping
  • Poor or older construction